Meet the Doctors

Dr. Emil Bailey

Dr. Emil Bailey started his medical training at the Medical College of Georgia where he earned his Doctorate in Dental Medicine (D.M.D) degree. During his education at the Medical College he was nominated and then elected as his class representative to the Student Government. It is there where he became passionate about the issues facing future healthcare providers and was elected President of the Student Government Association at the Medical College of Georgia, representing over 9000 doctors, nurses and other healthcare students. Dr. Bailey spent 4 years learning his craft and collaborating with doctors, scientists and administrators, receiving numerous awards and accolades including the Goldstein Esthetic Excellence Award, Stan Hopkins Scholarship Award, Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy Dental Student Excellence Award, Ty Cobb Excellence Award, Emile T. Fisher Scholarship Award, Prosthodontic Cosmetic Dentistry Excellence Award, among others.

Graduating at the top of his class, he was accepted to the Orthodontic Residency program at the prestigious University of California San Francisco. Dr. Bailey spent 3 years perfecting his skills at the art and science of orthodontics at UCSF, eventually earning a certificate of Orthodontics and a Masters Degree in Oral and Craniofacial Sciences. At UCSF he had the privilege of working with and learning from some of orthodontics greats such as Dr. Gerald Nelson and Dr. Earl Johnson and collaborated with Dr. Larry Andrews who is considered by some to be the father of modern orthodontics. Dr. Bailey conducted research, studying what constitutes the perfect smile and bite which culminated in his research and Thesis being published in the respected American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.

In March 2012, Dr. Bailey founded Perfect Smile Braces aptly named to reflect his passion to provide the highest quality care utilizing the most modern techniques available in orthodontics today to craft the “Perfect Smile”.

Dr. Bailey believes that we as doctors have a responsibility to each patient to provide the same level of excellence in treatment that we would provide to ourselves and our families. Each patient becomes our family and changes we make by gifting a beautiful smile fosters a lifelong friendship. His guiding principle is to provide a perfect smile and a healthy bite, custom made for each patient, every time.

On his off time, Dr. Bailey enjoys spending time with family and friends. Dr. Bailey competed in Ballroom Dancing until the age of 19 but never stopped dancing. Having played soccer and football for his middle school and high school teams, he is a supporter of local school sport teams.