Meet the Team

Sabrina - Office Manager

Sabrina - aka Mama Bear. Has a Masters Degree in Accounting and a PhD in all that is Awesome. If you have a problem, Sabrina will solve it, so check out the hook while my DJ revolves it....

Nancy - Treatment Coordinator

If you got 99 problems, she feels bad for you mom. With Nancy by your side, financials won't be one. Your beautiful smile is a step away :)

Kaisha - Medical Assistant

Chief OG, has been part of the PSB family the longest. Also wrecks her car about once a week so you may see her on the bus or being driven to work by her driver.

Alba - Medical Assistant

APP, aka Alba Picture Police, aka mean girl rep. Chris Brown was recently spotted on TMZ freestyling about his crush "Alba". Perez Hilton caught a glimpse of the two vacationing in Puerta Plata.

Dianna - Medical Assistant

"The Chihuahua". She looks sweet and sounds even sweeter but boy does she pack a verbal punch! Gets the medal for never calling out. A+

Vanity - Medical Assistant

Squeeky clean, we got nothing on her.... yet.

Jennifer - Medical Assistant

Our DJ. When she is not rocking the ortho pliers and good looking smiles, she is rocking the House scene!

Carlos - Attitude Police

Carlos likes tacos and Mean Girls the movie. He makes us watch Mean Girls every Monday, so we now affectionately refer to Mondays as: Carlos' Mean Girl Mondays. He also likes to sing along to Frozen.