Juan R.


Dear Dr. Bailey

I am sending this on behalf of my wife Betzaida Rivera, who instantly became a huge fan of your staff and services your offices provide.

I am totally impressed with the results of your work on my wife’s dental improvements.
Dont recall after 45 years a moment she has bragged more about her smile..

From the moment you walk into the office you are immediately greeted by some of the most genuine and friendliest staff members in any business.

It is refreshing to observe your staff place people at ease especially my wife who has a phobia.

Special kudos for Kaisha Rosado and Kayla with out a doubt along with the entire staff appear to really enjoy and compliment each other very well.

Continued success
Betzaida & Juan Rivera

Jeannette R.


Perfect smiles braces has truly gave my daughter high self esteem with regards to her smile. Dr.Bailey and Dr. Banner were and are fantastic. The staff, amazing, they always have a smile when I’ve taken her in the 2 yrs. I highly recommend this office to parents who want to better their child’s smile! Keep up the great work!

Yelfri M.


Me siento sastifecho y bien agradesido con perfect smile braces. pork ahora me siento otra persona con mas segurida y puedo dar recomendaciones a esa persona k tu viese el mismo problema k yo a k acudan a perfect smile braces..

Alfonso O.


I am a former Invisalign patient from NY Fashion Braces and I was able to transfer with no problem to Perfect Smiles Braces. Dr. Emil Bailey and his team made are great, they helped me to continue my Invisalign treatment and walked me hand to hand to the end of it.

At the end of the treatment, I received new permanent retainers and my bonding was removed. Also a tooth whitening was performed. I been always afraid of dentists all my life but the staff is so great that It made me forget I was at the dentist office.

Denise M.


Great, Emil Bailey was very knowledgeable.

Abubakarr B.


I highly recommended,The are very friendly, professional and have great plan of payment.

Gissell V.


Amazing staff. Everyone was extremely friendly and knowledgable. I’m 22 and the thought of having braces was terrifying. During my visit the assistants were kind enough to answer all my questions and even showed me their braces ( which were fab) .The rooms were much better than I expected, vibrant colors, new equipment and a nice comfy couch. Truly a hidden gem! Do not let the entrance fool you.

Gerson S.


The best dental visit I ‘ve had in the 24 years I have resided in New York. Dr Emil Bailey, immediately won the attention and trust of my two, children. For the very first time , I notice that my children had no scare to a dentist Doctor or too shy to showing their teeth as had happened with other doctors before. The doctor, gives solutions with no complications , The solutions are immediate bluntly. Without speaking difficult words to understand. In simple words, Dr Emil Bailey, check the teeth , write- and find,—- the problem without being parents who indicate him the dental problem of, the kids (in my case) Dr Emil Bailey, find the problem by checking the mouth not “asking parents”, like—— other doctors do . Teens,— who, have crooked teeth. Many times has shame to show the teeth to the Drs- (Like mine) —-Because the bad comments made ??by other doctors, of his teeth ((in the past.)) ……They were as traumatized . I thought this would happen in this case. And no. I remember a doctor ( ( dentist ” ) ) He have like a Jamaican accent ….. He work around White Plain road” in the Bronx— He is not from Dr ZocDoc” Thanks God!- He is a dentist.— That Dr–told one of my children that he, cried like a girl”….. That hurt me, and hurt him too. I saw my boy cry not for pain… but because the way, that Dr told him, “he cry like a girl” Dr Bailay, its different he gave them the confidence to do to talk to hime and make questions without making them feel horrible and disgusting.– I believe that God put in my way the best orthodontist for my children. I believe in angels. I think he’s one of them.

Mia V.


Great office, every one is friendly. Very detailed.

Yealie U.


My visit with Emil Bailey went well. I didn’t like the waiting area it was just really cluttered but once we went to the back it looked much better.


Super nice Doc

Nenoshka R.


Everything was fantastic. My daughter usually dont like doctors but she loved this one ! Is so clean and nice. I will deffetnetly stick with this one !

Lyndsey S.


Everything was very professional and the staff there are very sweet and pleasant. The only thing I personally didn’t perticulary care for was the waiting area. Other than that, everything went smooth there. They definitely do work with you as a patient and make sure that they’re on the same page as you are. I would recommend this place to family and friends.


Very professional. Everyone was done in a timely manner and I was treated with respect during my consultaion. I hope to go back soon.

Fritz L.


I love perfect smile braces! I love coming here for my monthly appointments. The staff along with Dr.Bailey is amazing!! They make me feel welcome and they are all nice. I recommend this orthodontist to everyone and should check it out.

Nidia J.


Hi. Everyone.
Ig you are looking for a Very Good Orthondontist, Dont look no more. My son and I , have being seeing Dr. Baily for our Braces. I loved the way he explanint to us the procedure , hes very professional. He carefull follow up on every detail of the treatment. The Entire satff its excellent, starting by Sabrina, She is a wonderfull person always have a smile on her face. She explain to us and every patient the payment plan, and gives a discount when you decide to have your braces done. I dint think it twice, they are very sufficent and efective. the quality of braces are excellent , my teeth started to reposition the first month. I felt proud of seeing my teeth looking good. My son have invisiling you cannot tell if he have the braces or not. he teeh started to got closer also in the first month.(he teeth was separated).


Nidia J.

and explain very good the payment plan, they give every patient a discount form the clinic. the rooms are aweson, they have place tv on the celing , for patients not to think on the procedure and relax them. the place its located near public tranportation.

Julius F.


I usually have this natural instinct to be hesitant with doctors, but Dr. Emil Bailey is a really cool and professional guy. He kept me informed with my progress and it almost felt like the months with the braces just flew by.

Carlos C.


Dr. Bailey and his amazing staff are the most helpful, honest, and professional people I have ever worked with. From start to finish they set an inviting, warm atmosphere in which you feel free to ask questions and voice any concerns you may have. As a father, husband, and NYC public school teacher I have many reasons to smile, and thanks to them I no longer have to hide it, they have given me self confidence in an immeasurable way, and for that I am forever thankful.

Mar S.


I had a great experience at perfect smile braces. The staff are friendly and very helpful. My child was seen by Dr. Emil Bailey and his assistant Crystal whom were nothing but resourceful and professional.

Vince Q.


I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Emil Bailey for some time now. He is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him without reservation.

Renee S.


My son and I experience with Prefect Smile Braces was wonderful!! Dr. Bailey and his staff are very professional, positive, friendly and work as a team. My son was suppose to wear his braces for 16 months and it was taken off in 9 months. Dr. Bailey did a wonderful JOB! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND! adults and children to Prefect Smile Braces. Also parents please be consistent and compliant with you or your child monthly appointments for everything to work accordingly.