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Cepeda, Rafael - 3/31/2021 192 Dyckman St
My co-worker recommend this location and I can say that she was not wrong about the professionalism served in this clinic. Dr.Cho was very helpful throughout my 2 year treatment. He's very knowledgeable, understanding and positive. The staff is very positive and friendly, they make you feel welcome as soon as you step into the door.

Papillons, Julie - 3/27/2021 468 E Fordham Rd
Helped me get my teeth amazingly straight! Thank you PSB!! If your looking for a great outcome of braces come to them you won’t regret it!

Ali, Mohammed - 3/22/2021 555 E Fordham Rd
One of the best braces Dr. Cho. Thank you so much!

Sanchez, Oscar - 3/2/2021 468 E Fordham Rd
My son has just finished getting his braces taken off. I am so proud to say that my son teeth are better than ever. I can definitely see the difference. I would recommend family and friends to go and it is one of the best places to go, especially in the Bronx.

Velasquez, Jaelyn - 2/27/2021 555 E Fordham Rd
I love my experience at perfect smile. Dr Cho was and is the best doctor, he always made me feel comfortable to talk to and always cared about you. If you come to perfect smile which is the best establishment make sure to get an appointment with Dr Cho. If you are looking for a perfect smile make sure to come to perfect smile on Fordham Rd.

Velasquez, Jaelyn - 2/26/2021 555 E Fordham Rd
My daughter just got off her braces today and I’m very pleased with her beautiful smile. Dr. Cho went above and beyond to make sure he gave her that perfect smile. I highly recommend Dr. Cho he is the best.

Shanise, Pryor - 2/21/2021 192 Dyckman St
I am 45 year old woman who decided to get traditional braces. I had Invisalign about 10 years ago with another orthodontist in Manhattan. Spent a lot of money for nothing. My experience with braces was easier than I thought. Dr.Cho is Great, experienced and professional. It was a great experience. So if you or your children need braces I recommend Perfect Smiles Braces

Rodriguez, Melanie - 2/17/2021 192 Dyckman St
All the staff at this location were so respectful, Dr. Cho really did a great job with my teeth. He made sure everything looked perfect every time I went for my appointments. I was so amazed when I saw my teeth in the mirror. I thank all the staff.

Rodriguez, Melanie - 2/17/2021 192 Dyckman St
All the staff at this location were so respectful, Dr. Cho really did a great job with my teeth. He made sure everything looked perfect every time I went for my appointments. I was so amazed when I saw my teeth in the mirror. I thank all the staff.

Warren, Crystal - 2/9/2021 192 Dyckman St
The day is finally here and I am ecstatic! I started my Orthodontist treatment a little over 2 year ago. My experience with DR. CHO at Perfect Smile Braces has been phenomenal. From my first visit for consultation to my bi—weekly or monthly visit, everything was don’t with prestige and class.

Tran, Mai - 2/4/2021 192 Dyckman St
I started my braces journey exactly 2 years ago and from the beginning all staff members have been extremely professional, nice, and helpful! I started my journey at the Fordham location with Dr. Cho and later found out he was moved to the dyckman location and I loveeee dr. Cho so I moved to the dyckman location. Love you guys

Tran, Duyen 2/4/2021 - 192 Dyckman St
My experience when perfect smile braces has been amazing. Dr. cho is the best and the workers are super nice. They take care of my needs when it comes to my teeth and helped me get my dream teeth/bite.

Ramirez, Adriana - 2/3/2021 192 Dyckman St
Loved my experience working with this staff and Dr. Cho! Their warm and welcoming spirits made my two and a half year journey feel more than worth it- not to mention my results were impeccable. 10/10 would recommend.

Zepeda, Angelica - 1/18/2021 192 Dyckman St
Estoy muy contenta y agradecida con el trabajo que hizo el DR.CHO; A mi hija le dejo una sonrisa muy bonita le dejo los dientes muy pero muy perfectos y estoy feliz por eso,[...] si tienen que buscar un lugar para tener una buena sonrisa vayan allá es 100% recomendable y quedarán satisfechos como yo 👍

Daza, Jaqueline - 1/18/2021 192 Dyckman St
Choosing Perfect Smile Braces in Dyckman has been the greatest decision I have ever made for myself. My two year braces journey was a success thanks to Dr. Cho and the rest of the staff. Dr.Cho always gave me options that would improve my smile like removing 4 teeth so that my jaw wouldn’t be too forward and I immensely appreciate it now because my smile wouldn’t be the same I guarantee that you won’t regret it!

Mercedez Eliza - 1/18/2021 192 Dyckman St
Had a great first visit. Great service so far. Would recommend. Girl at the front desk is super sweet and the young lady that oversaw my onboarding was awesome as well.

Grant, Shakur - 1/18/2021 555 E Fordham Rd
Did my braces with perfect smile absolutely perfect, great staff clean facility the doctor was super helpful.

Ocasio, Jillian - 1/16/2021 192 Dyckman St
We loved this location as well as the Bronx location. DR Cho is one of the best. My daughter was not happy with her smile and uncomfortable showing her teeth. Dr. Cho helped her get her million dollar smile. He was always very attentive and detailed . He answered every question we had, even if he asked more than once. The staff at both locations are excellent, super friendly and ready to help . I recommend Prefect Smile to everyone!

Jackson, Nichelle - 1/16/2021 555 E Fordham Rd
My 2-year experience at Perfect Smile Braces was amazing. The service was excellent and the staff was Phenomenal. I couldn’t have ask for a better smile and I thank Dr.Cho for that. Thank You, to all the staff at perfect smile braces. I really appreciate it, I love my smile now.

Guilamo, Haymet Lora - 1/02/2021 192 Dyckman St
Dr. Cho has helped me obtain the smile that i wanted =D , the staff is exceptional always greeting you in a friendly and respectful way. And something very important they work with your schedule! Love the staff. Bless all of them.

Mahendra singh - 4/13/2020
I have received the best service at this location and experienced the most friendly and polite staff. I would recommend Perfect Smile Braces to anyone. Excellent results

Ingrid Baez - 4/12/2020
I just got my braces off and I love the result, and very happy with new smile I had the best experience with Perfect Smile Braces. Excellent Staff, great services. Dr. Cho goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your smile. THANKS DR.CHO

Laisha Inoa - 4/8/2020
I honestly loved the experience with Perfect Smile Braces. Along my journey to a perfect smile, they were there being very kind and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who may need braces.

Paulette Soto - 4/5/2020
I was so insecure about my smile until I entered Perfect Smile Braces. Dr. Jeong Rae Cho has been nothing but the best orthodontist anyone could ever have ! I just got my braces removed today March 5, 2020.

Rachel T. - 5/5/2020
The only thing that I can say is that I love this place!! A powerful appointment and the experience was amazing! Also, I never wait a long time in the waiting room. I appreciate the quick service.

Gnesa F. - 9/29/2018
I love this place. They are very professional! Their knowledge is above average!!! They are experienced and they have that "smooth workflow" showing that every staff member knows what they are doing as a team.

Carlos Reyes - 2/12/2020
It has been a pleasure, having the attention in Perfect Smile Braces, is been a long journey and I am really thankful for the employee that work with me throughout this long journey, and to Dr.Hirsch one of the best doctor I ever had, Thanks ...